Fresh Fruit Crushes

  • squeezed lemon, basil vodka, simple syrup, muddled basil

  • infused pineapple vodka, shipwreck cream rum, pineapple juice
    *proceeds go to the Maryland Zoo

  • jack daniels honey, elderflower liqueur, honey simple, fresh lemon, mint


  • 10.25

    shipwreck cream rum, amaretto, vanilla vodka, toasted coconut

  • 10.25

    tito’s vodka, K&Z pickle juice

  • figenza vodka, cointreau, white cranberry, craisins

Twisted Mules

  • 8.25

    muddled cucumber, elderflower liquor, van gogh mango vodka

  • fresh lemon, peach whiskey

  • lime juice, ginger liqueur, figenza vodka

  • bulleit bourbon, giffards ginger liqueur, fresh lime, ginger beer

Craft Favorites

  • orbium gin, cointreau, orange juice, lemon juice, ginger beer

  • 9.25

    deep eddy’s grapefruit, fresh grapefruit, rock salt

  • chocolate bitters, vanilla simple, dictador rum, smokebox

  • sagamore rye, mulled wine syrup, fresh lemon

Whiskey & Rum (neat OR on the rocks)

+ $1 to make it an old fashioned or a manhattan

+ $1 to make it smoky

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